Monday, 13 June 2011

The presentation.

This is the presentation at our Uni to present our enterprise and entrepreneurship:

Hi, we are SUNBASE and we’d like to present to you a service which we believe will encourage in particular young people to take more care when exposed to the harmful UV rays of the sun.
Our unique service offers a BASE at festivals, in which festival- goers can receive an all-over application of sun cream, in specially designed tents for both men and women.
Over the last twenty-five years, rates of skin cancer in Britain have risen faster than any of the top ten cancers in males and females.
More than two young adults are diagnosed with this every day in the UK, and it is the second most common cancer in this age group.
We asked people of different ages about their sun cream routines. This table displays the number of people in each age group who top up their sun cream the recommended once every two hours.
The results show that on average, a mere 12% of 16-24 year olds follow this recommended guideline.
These results inspired the creation of SUNBASE: a service to be offered at major music festivals. SUNBASE is a 10 by 12ft tent encompassing two separate sections for men and women.
Each section contains 5 individual spray tents, operated by friendly festival volunteers, in which customers have the opportunity to receive an all over sun cream spray in exchange for £5.00.
SUNBASE will feature at four of the top music festivals in which more than a million people flock to each summer, to encourage young people to stay protected against the sun.
Customers will not need to worry about missing their favourite acts, because SUNBASE features a large flat screen TV, displaying all of the live action on stage.
They will also have to chance to rehydrate themselves with fresh bottles of water sold at the price of £2.00 each.
So, why not just take a bottle of sun cream with you? Well, with the special Riemann’s P20 formula, there is only need for one single application to last you almost the entire day.
So it saves you from carrying around extra unnecessary weight, leaving you free to enjoy the festival without having to worry about topping up every two hours or getting sunburnt.

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