Sunday, 24 April 2011

Fads Vs. Trends

From our first E&E session, it was interesting to learn about the different trends which reflects on society such as what is a 'Fad' and what is a 'Trend' for instance. 
Based on the session and from my research, a fad is a transitory time where something is new today and by tomorrow its old news. Therefore a fad is short-term because it doesn't last for very long which makes it like a disposable trend.  
A trend, on the other hand is long-term, where that new product, phone, fashion garment etc. is popular. It's also part of the mainstream culture as it attracts eyes of the public with the 'next big thing' because it's what everyone will be interested in. 
I found out there is the role of a 'Trend spotter' in the fashion industry. A trend spotters' job is to identify new trends, foreseeing what will be in fashion and how long this will last, considering that fashion changes season on season. 
In our E&E group, we came up with a few key trends such as technology, the media, music, social networking sites (twitter and facebook), religion, fashion and film as a combination, vintage fashion, politics and cross-branding, to name a few. 
Charity shop Oxfam launched ethical fashion awareness, in which there were recycled garments designed by Christopher Kane, Giles Deacon, Stephen Jones, Henry Holland, Ricard Sorger and Jens Laugesen who worked with Oxfam to create a more sustainable fashion line. The media were involved which had the influence of helping to promote the concept of recycled fashion.