Monday, 16 May 2011

A festival fashion

Whilst  researching on music festivals and especially what is a necessity to bring to the event, such as sun lotion, tents, money, food and sleep bags etc. I've noticed online and also in magazines that being at festivals, is usually a time when visitors can dress up, so it's more of a trend. Choosing the right outfit, which is practical to wear whatever the weather turns out to be. Celebs are trendsetters in festivals when they are seen at the major festivals such as Glastonbury and V. Kate Moss, Alexa Chung, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Pixie Geldof are just one of the few well-dressed celebs.

Below are some Polyvore sets I found online who have created a festival look based on celebs' outfits: 

Sunday, 15 May 2011

Top 3 Things.

Credit: Paul Saunders' Glastonbury t-shirt design (above) 

There was this website I found based on a 2008 edition of defining the top three things to bring to a festival.
The first one was some chewing gum or any mints. This isn't actually on anyone's first priority but it's good to bring some especially for dental hygiene. Pungent festival breath consists of 90% beer vapour and 10% essence of falafel.
The second thing is a festival t-shirt. Any fashion conscious visitors will know that a festival t-shirt is a must have for the 'festival look.' In 2010, Glastonbury did a competition to design the festival's official t-shirt to celebrate the 40th Anniversary of the festival - winner gets £1,000 and a pair of tickets.

The third thing is a lightweight waterproof poncho - this is just in case it rains because no one really knows what the weather could be like...whether it could be really hot, or cold, and it could possibly rain. So just to be on the safe side, a raincoat or poncho would be a good idea to carry. Possibly...designing a waterproof poncho, especially designed for festivals could be a good idea. 

I thought the fourth thing could be sunscreen that is an essential product to a festival. I think a lot of visitors who go to festivals, may forget to remember to bring essential things like sunscreens to help protect them from sunburn or it may be at the top of their list. Perhaps we could possibly work on the idea of providing a sunscreen spraying booths for visitors. 


Saturday, 14 May 2011

What to bring to festivals:

I've been looking at a couple websites based on the most important things people usually bring to festivals before you leave.
- Tents
- Sleeping bag
- Ground Sheet
- Pillows
- Torch and batteries for the night
- Loo roll
- Wellington boots
- Waterproof jacket/ponchos
- Combat trousers
- A change of clothes
- Jumper for when it gets cold
- A hat for the protection of the sun
- Baby wipes or deodorant
- Moisturiser
- Water
- Sun cream
- Sunglasses
- Toiletries
- Tin opener
- Phone
- Bin bags
- Money


Music Festivals.

Our group had decided to research into a different route of music festivals, instead of the telephone sim card idea because we needed to make money out of it and the initial idea wouldn't really make money.
Music festivals are oriented towards live music, which is hosted outdoors. For example, the UK host music festivals in places such as Glastonbury (the famous one), Leeds, Reading, Isle of Wright, the o2 Wireless, T4 on the Beach, to name a few.
They are also inclusive of other attraction such as food and merchandise.
The best free music festival is Basingstoke Live in which about 30,000 people attended in 2010.
The first Glastonbury Festivals were a series of events held during the summer in 1914 to 1926. 


Saturday, 7 May 2011

Dirty Pretty - Recycled Vintage Fashion

Dirty Pretty is a vintage brand based in the midlands.  Their aim is to design unique and luxurious fashion made form vintage materials.

Fast fashion emerged from cheap high street clothing where consumers just buy and buy. Clothes are always worn when brought new and then thrown away in a disposable way. Dirty Pretty decided to source their fabrics from markets and off-cuts from large companies. By taking clothes which are deemed to be ‘old’, they wanted to turn this into something innovative. 

“We hope to make consumers aware of the ethics in Fashion, the importance of knowing exactly where your garment has been manufactured and the effects on the people who have made it by providing an alternative British brand” –
They reject the obvious lure to create clothes in bulk, they demonstrate a genuine self-control in the market concentrated on profit, however they also have confidence on their skill to keep making vintage-inspired garments. This kind of dedication makes their clothes personal, with a reasonable price.

Thursday, 5 May 2011

Preloved Recycled Vintage Couture

I found out there is a Canadian fashion house called 'Preloved.' Their work is centred around changing vintage clothing. Using something old and turning this into something new. Neighbours at Designers & Agents continued to recycle their clothes, which consisted of 60,000 sweaters, 12,000 t-shirts, 5,000 dresses and 6,000 trench coats.
A fire broke out this year in Toronoto's Queen Street West earlier this year, which ruined the company's flagship store, along with many other businesses. However, Preloved refused to be put down by this unfortunate event and showcased a large number of unique innovative styles for their Fall collection at L'Oreal Fashion Week. They also presented a opening for their new boutique that is habitually for selling recycled vintage fashion in organic tissues and biodegradable shopping bags.