Saturday, 7 May 2011

Dirty Pretty - Recycled Vintage Fashion

Dirty Pretty is a vintage brand based in the midlands.  Their aim is to design unique and luxurious fashion made form vintage materials.

Fast fashion emerged from cheap high street clothing where consumers just buy and buy. Clothes are always worn when brought new and then thrown away in a disposable way. Dirty Pretty decided to source their fabrics from markets and off-cuts from large companies. By taking clothes which are deemed to be ‘old’, they wanted to turn this into something innovative. 

“We hope to make consumers aware of the ethics in Fashion, the importance of knowing exactly where your garment has been manufactured and the effects on the people who have made it by providing an alternative British brand” –
They reject the obvious lure to create clothes in bulk, they demonstrate a genuine self-control in the market concentrated on profit, however they also have confidence on their skill to keep making vintage-inspired garments. This kind of dedication makes their clothes personal, with a reasonable price.

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